ERC Interview

I have been invited to Brussels for an interview for an ERC Starting Grant.
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ISSI workshop, Beijing

Last week, I was invited to Beijing, China for the ISSI workshop with the long title "The Disk in Relation to The Formation of Planets And Their Protoatmospheres".
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Cosmic Dust VII, Osaka, Japan

Last week, I was at the 7th meeting on cosmic dust in Osaka, Japan. Learned quite a bit about all kinds of dusty environments in the universe and also about comets. Looking forward to hearing more from Rosetta very soon! I was also lucky to escape just hours before typhoon Halong grounded hundreds of flights!
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AAS Poster

Last week, I have been to the 224th meeting of the American Astronomical Society here in Boston. I presented a poster outlining some of my recent projects. Anyone interested can find it here.

National Geographic

National Geographic featured an article called Cosmic Dawn which tells the story of the ALMA Observatory and how it opens up new views into the early universe and the formation of stars and planets. It also mentions our Science paper on the "dust trap" in IRS 48. The article is beautifully designed and I highly recommend to check it out!

Visiting Leiden

This week, I am visiting the Leiden Observatory. I'll work and discuss with Paola Pinilla, Nienke van der Marel and others and talk at the astrochemistry seminar. Thanks to Paola, I also saw a bit of the city and get to go to the institute on a true Dutch bicycle, with single gear and only a coaster break.

Leiden, the Netherlands

Visiting Genoble

From January 7 through 10 I was visiting the Observatory at Grenoble and gave the institute seminar. Thanks to the hospitality of Myriam Benisty and her colleagues I had a great time both scientifically and otherwise. And yes, I also enjoyed the French cuisine.

Grenoble image