New Website Design

html5 logo I updated my website design to modern, responsive HTML5. Amongst the changes are also blog comments which are now enabled. Feel free to use them to mention any issues you might have or to let me know what you think of the design.

Emmy Noether Template

After publishing my ERC proposal template, I now also decided to publish my DFG Emmy Noether proposal. You can find it on github. Feel free to improve it!

ERC Starting Grant Template

After resubmitting my ERC Starting Grant proposal recently, I decided to publish my template on github. I hope people will find it useful. You can check it out here.

Sharing public folders with Dropbox

I was annoyed by the fact that you can publicly share files, but not folders with Dropbox, so I created a python script, which creates a directory listing for the folder, which can then be shared and gives access to all the files within the folder. If anyone else finds this useful, it can be downloaded here.