The Formation and Evolution of Planets in Protoplanetary Disks

WS 2018/2019


Time & Dates

Wednesday 12:15 - 14:00 in the USM lecture hall. Weekly between 24.10.2018 and 06.02.2019

There will be no lectures or exercises on:

  • 17.10.2018
  • 26.12.2018 (christmas break)
  • 02.01.2019 (christmas break)

Sign-up for lecture

Sign-up for lecture is optional but recommended. The collected data is used for grading and creation of lecture certificates. Lecture-related updates or announcements will be sent to signed-up participants, but also noted on the website. To sign up, either use the Google form below or provide the information to the lecturer in person.

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  • Formula sheet: During the exam, no help other than a calculator may be used. A formula sheet containing all necessary units, quantities, and formulas will be availible during the exam. The current version of this forumula sheet is available for preview here. It might change until the exam.
  • No exercises: There will be no exercise class on January 16 (just the lecture). The last exercise sheet will be due on January 23.
  • Last exercises: On January 30, no more exercises will be due, instead we will have a Q&A session.
  • First Lecture: The first lecture will take place on Wednesday, October 24 from 12:15 - 14:00 pm in the lecture hall of the USM.


Topics covered in the lecture will include:

  • Overview: Disks & Exoplanets
  • Our Solar System
  • Disk Formation and Disk Structure
  • Disk Evolution - Viscous Theory, Disk Winds, and Dissipation
  • Dust in Protoplanetary Disks
  • Planetesimal Formation
  • Terrestrial Planet Formation
  • Formation of Giant Planets
  • Planet Migration
  • Evolution of Planetary Systems
  • Observations of Protoplanetary Disks

Lecture slides will be posted shortly after the lecture.

Lecture Slides

Date Lecture
24.10. Disks & Exoplanets - An Overview
31.10. Properties of the (extra-)solar system(s)
07.11. Disk Formation Part I
14.11. Disk Formation Part II & Disk Structure
21.11. Disk Evolution - Part I
28.11. Disk Evolution - Part II
05.12. Planet Formation Overview & Dust Dynamics
12.12. Dust Evolution & Planetesimal Formation
19.12. Planetesimal Formation II & Planetesimal Interaction I
09.01. Core Formation
16.01. Final Assembly & Giant Planets
23.01. Migration & Orbital Evolution
30.01. Q&A Session during lecture hours. USM Colloquium on the topic during the exercises (lecture hall).
06.02. Exam


Exercises are taking place Wednesdays at 14:00-16:00 at the seminar room of the University Observatory.

The exercise sheets will be posted here for download after the lectures.

Tutorial Due date Exercise Sheet
#1 31.10.2018 Download
#2 07.11.2018 Download
#3 14.11.2018 Download
#4 21.11.2018 Download
#5 28.11.2018 Download
#6 05.12.2018 Download
#7 12.12.2018 Download
#8 19.12.2018 Download
#9 09.01.2019 Download
#10 23.01.2019 Download
#11 30.01.2019 Attend the USM Colloquium on Planet Formation in the lecture hall!